segunda-feira, fevereiro 20, 2006

(Notícia) Zach Braff volta a realizar?

Após uma excelente estreia na realização - Garden State - Zach Braff pode estar de volta à realização. De acordo com o próprio:
"I'm in LA now finishing the 5th season of Scrubs. We wrap on April 15th and I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do this summer. I'm leaning towards directing a film. I've gotten the rights to a foreign film that I'm adapting. I can't get too specific because I'm still working on the deal. But if that comes through, I could very well be directing my second film this summer."
E para acabar de vez com os rumores sobre Casino Royale...
"I am going to be Vesper Lind (the new Bond love interest). After the success of certain films this year, they have decided to "shake things up" this time around. And so Bond will be gay. I play Vesper Lind, a German spy who loves trip-hop and raves. I assassinate my victims by forcing them to drink the fluid inside of glow-sticks. James and I meet when our hands accidentally touch during a "Licensed to Kill" seminar in Dusseldorf. We were both reaching for an "Ain't Misbehavin" CD that kills an enemy after he/she listens to the Act One curtain closer. Not very effective as a means of assassination since the target would have to make it through some really mediocre numbers in the first act, and like I said, it only works on "he/she's" which aren't very common in the spy business outside of Thailand. Can't say much more it's all very hush-hush..."


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James Bond GAY ! looool :P

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