sábado, maio 20, 2006

(Televisão) Sábado e Domingo, 20 e 21 de Maio


- How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days (TVI, 17h30)

- Miller's Crossing (FOX, 22h00)

- Sleepers (AXN, 22h25)

- André Valente (2:, 23h00)

- Big Trouble in Little China (SIC Radical, 23h00)

- The Matrix (Hollywood, 23h00)

- The Game (TVI, 00h00)

- Die Hard: With a Vengeance (SIC, 00h45)

- The Godfather: Part III (AXN, 00h50)


- Miller's Crossing (FOX, 17h05)

- Twelve Monkeys (Hollywood, 21h00)

- Back to the Future (AXN, 22h25)